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Office Staff

Office Manager

Kenya Chambers

Kenya joined our practice in 2006 as a medical/dental biller.  Since then she has held multiple positions and can work in every aspect of the practice.  Her primary role now is in the capacity of our office manager and senior biller/accounts manager.  Her multi-faceted experience in clinical and non- clinical environment has benefited the practice by helping to ensure patient continuity.

Clinical Staff:

Colleen Burgos & Jennifer Metz

Both Colleen and Jennifer have been with the practice since 2004 and 2007.  They have vast experience in all aspects of surgical assisting, and both hold certifications as CDA and RDA.  Additionally, they are BLS certified and continue to strive to stay current with new techniques and therapies by attending continuing education courses.

Administrative Staff:

Alexis Basquez & Asya Collazo

Both Alexis and Asya have been with the practice since 2012 and 2016.  They help facilitate your care from the initial appointment to your final post-operative visit.  They have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in working with your insurance company to make sure you are obtaining the benefits you are entitled.    They work tirelessly to make sure your experience with us is seamless throughout all phases of care.   They hold certifications in BLS and attend continuing education courses to keep abreast of current advancements.

Asya Collazo